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Free Cross-stitch Patterns opw
Reddit's Daily 1st Place Arts opw
The Lottery Forum opw

We'd like to provide our members One Page Websites so that they can have a page (or up to 3 pages) under one folder.
So members can share their business or personal hobbies, about, contact or whatever details they'd like to include.
Think of them as static .html pages only (Javascript is allowed).
It's all free if you're a member of gimplearn.net.
Your pages will be live as long as gimplearn.net is around.
Just private message me and send me your .html page(s) (one of which
must be index.html [default index page]) and a unique folder name and I'll add it to https://gimplearn.net/opw/ (https://opw.gimplearn.net/)
(for example: if you gave me folder name "dogs", then your pages will be uploaded to https://gimplearn.net/opw/dogs/ [https://opw.gimplearn.net/dogs/])

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